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Easy CHM v4.10 - for Windows

Create your first CHM help or CHM ebook files in 10 seconds with Easy CHM.
Automatically create a context-sensitive html help file.

Make CHM (Html Help) file just by importing folders and all sub folders, Easy CHM will automatically generate TOC (Table of Contents) and Index Items by parsing from title / file name / text of a specific line.

Easy to use TOC editor support 'Search and replace in TOC items'. 

Convert HTM, HTML, MHT, Picture and other files to CHM Html help.

Plenty of customized options. 

Users can save project and reopen it for future editing.

  • Make CHM (Html Help) file by importing folders and all sub folders in a fast speed.
  • Automatically generate TOC and Index Items by parsing from Html title/file name/text of a specific line.
  • Easy to use TOC editor and support 'Search and replace in TOC items', etc.
  • Fully Multi-Selection support, it's very convenient when Moving/Replacing/Deleting/Drag-Dropping Topics and Batch change icons, etc.
  • Easy CHM can drag-drop or move multiple topics at a time, and there're many handy options like 'Move UP/Down', 'Move Top/Bottom' and 'Move Sibling UP/Down' for you to choose.
  • Fully Keyboard support.
  • Parse all keywords from HTML meta tag and add to Index list.
  • With the internal fast Virtual Tree, it's very fast and stable when editing a very large TOC tree.
  • Convert HTM, HTML, MHT, Picture and other files to CHM.
  • Automatically create a Context-Sensitive Html Help.
  • Automatically output Alias and Map files for developers to use.
  • EasyCHM can save/load project file, it's easy for the content developers for documentation to manage or edit their documents.
  • Convert any CHM files to html freely.
  • Plenty of customized options.
  • Multilanguage support, the interface of the program can be changed to Arabic, English, French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian.
  • Built-in CHM files decompiler.
  • Easy-to-use interface.

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Quick Start - How to create HTML HELP with Easy CHM?
Create HTML HELP with Easy CHM is very simple, generally you only need the following two steps:
STEP 1:  Tell Easy CHM where your source html files located and let Easy CHM to make all TOC (Table of Contents) and INDEX items automatically.
Run Easy CHM, click the button 'New', and select one folder where your source htm files located - the folder will be the project root folder;
After that, the program will import all files from the specified folder and all sub folders, and generate TOC and Index Item by parsing text from title, file name or text of a specific line automatically.
STEP 2:  Create the HTML HELP now.
Now you can edit the TOC items or Index items. 
Click the button 'Compile', Press the button 'Create CHM' to make one CHM file using the default settings.
   By default Easy CHM create a context-sensitive html help file automatically, all CONTEXT-IDs are generated and managed automatically.
   If you're not a Developer of software or you don't want to make a context-sensitive html help file, deselect the 'Include HtmlApi information' in the 'Html API' tab of the 'Project Setting' - it can be found when you click the tool button 'Compile'.
   If you're developer of software, please take all CONTEXT-IDs' definitions from these two files: 'ecAlias.h' and 'ecMap.h' (The two files are generated by Easy CHM, you can find them in the project root folder. You don't need to released the two files to the public.), especially the 'ecMap.h', in 'ecMap.h' you can find definitions like below:
 #define IDH_feature 1118   ;Key Features
 #define IDH_What_is_Easy_CHM 1119   ;What is Easy CHM?
 The 1118 and 1119 are the CONTEXT-IDs.
What People Are Saying About the Eay CHM:

"I felt that EasyChm is the best tool for making chm (I have tested MANY MANY tools)."
 -Tahir Mahmoud
"One thing I forgot to say:
You have a great product! we love it and you service is superb. Thank you and keep up the good work."
-Sean Naghibi
"I've downloaded the trial version of Easy CHM because we're looking for an easy-to use tool to generate help files for our applications.

When I'm working with it I think this is a vary nice tool which allows you to produce help files with little effort. Thanks for your good product."
-Willi Schulte-Zurhausen
"Dear Sirs,
I'm working with EasyCHM-FreeTrial for a few days now. Everything works really fine- and easy (as its name says already¡­)
Actually, I need two to five single licenses at the moment."
I am the content developer for documentation.

I saw your tool on the net very useful¡­. I am recommending my company to buy this¡­"
-Ajay Mehta
Easy CHM is a very nice and useful product, my project needs tool like Easy CHM.
I am very much interested in buying this tool.
Can you please let us know the details of purchasing this product as soon as possible?"
-Apoorva Srivastava 
Pad files for submission:

PAD file of Easy CHM (.xml) (.Htm).

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